Part 02 – Breaking Up is Easy to Do

If I’m going to tease terrain out of my blank hex, I’m going to need more than one polygon.  Which means I probably ought to subdivide the top surface.  I made a little animation to show how I did this in SketchUp:

I made sure to save this as a separate .skp file.  I also made one with an extra round of “add detail” as an option if I need more detail for something specific, but that kind of polygon count really slowed Sketchup down.

With this newly (polygonified? polygonificated?) top surface for my blank hex, I can safely try to poke and prod terrain out of it without warping the underlying hex base, and as long as all my poking is vertical, I should be able to reconnect the top and bottom of the hex when I’m done.

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  1. My friend has a 3d printer but he stopped using, how do I convince him to continue making his board game for his friend.

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